This page is in support of finding a bone marrow donor match for Gary and Leslie Gadwood's grandson, Braxton Ritchie.  This youngster was recently diagnosed with a very rare blood disorder, HLH XLP2.  He needs a bone marrow transplant to restore his health.

We (classmates of ECHS, class of 1964) are too old to be considered donors, but our children or younger friends may be the match Braxton needs so please pass this information along to those who may be eligible.  Here is a FAQ that explains the bone marrow screening and donation process.

Please read the flyer embedded below, especially noting the donor registry drive date of Saturday, February 3rd, 2018.  Note that the hyperlinks in the flyer below do not work so, please click:

to sign up to be evaluated as a potential donor and, please use this e-mail link to contact the Match Representative knowledgable about Braxton's case: