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Retired April 2, 2012 from Chevron
Charles, born 1986 - graduated from University of the Pacific with BA dual major in Economics / History and then off on a four months backpacking in Europe before returning home to work. Charles is now applying to various schools to gain his RN and, possibly, MS in nursing.

Sarah, born 1989 - graduated from Stanford in June, 2012. She loved her school experiences including a great six+ months in Florence, Italy and a backpacking trip to Alaska. Sarah now lives in San Francisco and works for OpenDNS, an Internet security firm.
Military Service:
Artillery Officer - NG/USAR - '65-'71  

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John Falconer May 08 at 11:34AM

Mounting a BMW F800 on a Cuban beach. I rode this around Cuba in April/May 2014.


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Finally you have arrived ... hooray. See you on October. I proceed your childhood home was (is?) On the market.

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Welcome, and I hope you enjoy perusing our classmates' profiles and will add more to your own. John

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Good to see you here David.

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Skied and partied at CU in Boulder my first year - then "woke up" and returned to the Bay Area. By then I'd become a bit of a motorcycle nut and worked my way through UC Berkeley while fixing motorcycles and repairing stereos. Concurrently I served in the Army reserves as an artillery officer and supply unit commander.

After my UC graduation I headed off on a 9 month long motorcycle journey across North Africa, Europe, Israel, Egypt, back across Europe, and then across Canada; all with my girlfriend (now ex-wife) who took a year out of law school (Boalt Hall) to ride with me - 9 months in a 2-person tent was pretty cozy!

I returned to work at Pacific Stereo - running their service organization's core depot, then running their receiver manufacturing operation.

Then back to school - this time to Stanford for an MBA - followed by a return to Pacific where I ran all their private label operations before leaving to join an import company (I'd done quite a bit of travel to Asia for Pacific).

President of the import company, then we sold it, exercised options, and traveled a bit more before our first child arrived (son Charles - 1986). I stayed home for a while, doing business and computer consulting before deciding to join Chevron's IT organization.

10 years with Chevron doing IT design, R&D, and management before being recruited by Microsoft. Our daughter Sarah was born in this period (1989)

With Microsoft for six years - running their enterprise services operations in NorCal and the PacWest - but they wanted me to go to HQ in Redmond, WA and that didn't fly so ... back to Chevron, where I remained until retiring on April 2nd., 2012.

At Chevron my final role was as the sponsor/mentor for IT experts globally - building up a program of Distinguished Contributors to assure Chevron of a continuing pipeline of top quality IT technical leaders. This was a great job but I finally decided to retire and make room for the youngsters.

I'm still riding motorcycles daily (three old BMWs), taking photographs (finally went digital), still poking about with HiFi, and generally trying to act much younger than my chronological age.

Both my parents died in their nineties, following the death of my younger brother, Ethan. Subsequently I bought out my sister' half interest in my parents' El Cerrito home - a great fit following my divorce. My son and daughter have lived here with me but Sarah has moved out to a great SF Victorian now that she's working in The City.

In the summer of my retirement I rode 10,000 miles on my 25 year old BMW, circuiting the USA and staying with numerous friends all around the country - a great segue way into retirement.

In April-May of 2014 I rode over a thousand miles by motorcycle around Cuba. It was a great trip. I blogged about it; the blog is here:

This summer my lady friend and I traveled by Amtrak to Boston and then spent wonderful time in a small lakeside cottage in New Hampshire that I've know well since I was eight years old. I have aunts and cousins in the area and it was a wonderful family-filled vacation.

School Story:

Still remember with chills but fondness the day the EC Police showed up on campus to investigate the "fake ID ring" at ECHS - my friends being called out of class one by one but none of them revealing who had the photo equipment to make duplicate California drivers' licences.

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My first motorcycle - in parents' driveway in El Cerrito. I bought it in Colorado my freshman year once the snow melted.
John Falconer & Chris Crook of the ECHS Marching Band wait for the buses taking them to Mason City, Iowa for the 1962 Music Man Festival.
Son Charles and daughter Sarah - Christmas Party 2008 at the California Club.