Missing Classmates

Although we have "found" some 250 or so classmates through this website, we're still looking to find more so we can keep them up-to-date on reunions, picnics, and so they can join this site and share what they've been up to and read the profiles of other classmates.  This list includes our 1964 El Cerrito High School graduates who haven't yet logged in here.  If you know how to get in touch with any of these folks, especially if you have an e-mail address for them, please take a moment and send any information you are comfortable sharing to our class e-mail alias by clicking on this link:

El Cerrito1964@gmail.com 

Alternatively, you may directly invite any of our "missing classmates" to join this site by clicking on their name listed below and entering their e-mail address.  Doing this will send them an invitation to join the site.

Thanks for your help!

Charlene Ahola
Veda Alexander
Louise Armstrong
Margaret Banchero
Charlie Baumgart
Roberta Becerra
Taylor Bell
Victoria Berg
Michael Berry
Robert Bierwagen
Janet Bivens
Kathleen Boisen
Janice Bottorff
LeRoy Boyack
Nicole Boynoff
Walter Broedner
Julie Brooke
Robert Brown
William Burgener
Janice Burger
Annette Burton
Sharon Cain
Lynn Capron
Joan Carpenter
Robert Cassil
Thomas Caswell
Susan Chambers
Clarence Chase
Virginia Chavez
Jane Ciccone
Luanna Clifton
Robert Cluff
Carolee Clyde
Paul Coambs
Mary Collins
Nancy Cooney
Gregory Corse
Edith Cotton
Carolyn Cox
Cindy Crain
Margo Cryderman
Pat Cunningham
Steven Cushman
Jeanette D'Amico
Maple Davis
Teaubrey Davis
Maria Dos Santos E Silva
Forrest Drummond
Linda Dubois
Arthur Duran
Edward Duran
James Dvorak
Evelyn Dyer
JoAnn Dyer
Henry Edwards
Trudy Edwards
David Egashira
Gregory Engelman
Carol Estes
Stephen Evans
Mark Evers
Anita Fabre
Robert Fites
Olivia Flores
Beverly Foland
Richard Fuller
Bryan Furman
Emily Galenson
Rita Galusha
Ralph Giberson
Cynthia Gilmore
Frances Glazier
Judith Good
Lucretia Grady
Robert Griffin
Susan Gross
Janice Gubser
Geoffrey Hansen
Jill Harper
Roger Harris
Bryant Hatch
Richard Haynes
Thomas Hetherington
Jimmy Hildreth
Diane Holmes
Roger Hormel
Charles Humphreys
Everett Hunter
Martha Hunter
Marcia Ibsen
Henry Jackson
Paulette Jarrell
David Johnson
Donald Johnson
Richard Johnson
Kandace Kahn
Gerryann Kataline
Patricia Keller
Douglas Kelley Jr.
Jan Kirschner
Robert Knight
Susan Lair
Karen Larson
Nancy Leake
Yvonne Lee
Glenn Leone
John Levinson
Pamela Lewis
Patricia Lewis
Karen Linschoten
Linda Litsinger
Delbert Locke
Norman Lovelace
Kristine Lovette
Sandra Loville
Jeffrey Lowe
Early Lucas
David Lumia
Diane Lumsden
Michael Lund
Kathleen Luoma
Donald Lyman Jr.
Richard Maddigan
Jay Magers
James Malone
Steven Mann
Mary Marsh
Beverly Mason
Thomas McCarthy
Kathleen McKune
Marshall Mead
Bill Mecorney
Linda Meshack
Gray Miller
Sheldon Miller
Mark Millikan
Alan Monahan
Jacqueline Moore
William Morris
Carol Munro
Mark Murphy
Glenn Nakazono
Isabell Oakley
Sharon Olson
Donald Orlando
Cynthia Overbeck
Dennis Owen
Jack Palumbo
William Pangborn
Christene Patterson
Marvin Patterson
Alan Philips
Joanne Phillips
Peggy Poppy
Barbara Protter
Jack Radosevich
Susan Rael
Cynthia Rasmussen
Frank Retzinger
Judy Robinson
Sharon Robinson
Richard Robson
Charles Rollis
Marguerita Ruijters
Wayne Sato
Diane Schaeffer
Kathleen Schmidt
Arthur Schwenk III
Billie Scott
Terry Shepardson
Loralyn Shepherd
Jon Sherman
James Shipounoff
Diane Shire
Linda Simpson
Cynthia Smith
Susan Snodgrass
Dennis Sorenson
Russell Sorenson
Susan Stamps
Dennis Steinke
Karen Stoneman
Jerry Stork
Gordon Streeter
Jeffrey Sullivan
Janet Sutherlin
Pearl Taylor
Trudy Taylor
James Telesco
Richard Tong
Alana Toy
Robert Treadway
Patricia Tyler
Hiroshi Uyeda
Jerry Viggiano
Richard Voss Jr.
William Walker
Henry Wallace
Thomas Watkins
Charles Wheeler
Judith Whelan
Deryl Wilhite
Lynn Wilkins
Vicki Winans
Edward Winkler
Anthony Winters
Charles Winters
Robert Wiseman
Pamela Wohlford
Maryann Wolfe
Effie Wong
Pamela Woods
Patricia Wylie
William Wyllie
Linda Yakel